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@conradev, @nickfrey, and I think that the Apple Watch is going to open a new chapter in the wearable technology space and when Apple announced WatchKit, we knew Workflow would be an awesome fit. It's just so powerful to be able to create complex automations, or just simple shortcuts, and trigger them from a tap on your wrist. Though limited by the early nature of the SDK, we worked really hard to take the essence of Workflow and bring it to a completely new form factor, and we're thrilled to release the first version today.
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@arix Congrats, it looks slick! Have you guys tested it on the Apple Watch yet? We've heard so much that apps are too slow and not really working, I'm curious to get your feedback.
@conradev @nickfrey @arix Just curious if you guys have attended Apples Labs to test the app out.
@solenema We have gotten a chance to give it a try! Things definitely aren't 100% reliable, but we think these bugs will be worked out over time - and performance will be much better when we are able to work with the native Watch SDK later this year. We've done our best to work around the speed issues and think we've come up with something that works well.
Great. I had convinced myself that I didn't need an Apple Watch. Now I want one again.
This may be the app that convinces me to get an Apple Watch! I'm a huge fan of Workflow, and Apple Watch support will make it (and the watch!) so much more useful. I'm also super impressed that *ALL* workflows from the iPhone also work on the Apple Watch—nice work!
Love this - big play guys! Think this is the perfect example of useable UI/UX for a smartwatch