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Ari Weinstein — Founder, Workflow
@conradev, @nickfrey, @vral, and I built Workflow because we wanted a better way to get things done on our iOS devices. We have a long way to go, but we're so excited to release the first version of the app to the world today. I can't wait to see what you do with it.
Ⓜatt hartman — seed investments, betaworks
Workflow is really cool. It's reminiscent of IFTTT in that it lets you tie together apis from apps in a way that tends to be reserved for developers. There are two subtle features that could be really powerful.

The first is the ability to share a workflow with someone else. Hopefully this means that over time, you won't have to create your own workflow, but just customize it to your exact needs. The second is that the workflows don't have to be triggered from within the app. You can turn workflows into action extensions (which means they can be triggered by actions within another app), and you can add them to your homescreen. Macro-fying inter-app actions, and making them available exactly where and when you need them, can create some pretty interesting interactions.

Most of the limitations I've found are functions of the apps themselves not making certain fields available. For example, I'd love to create a workflow that pulls the contact from my next meeting and opens up that person's profile in LinkedIn. However, the contacts app doesn't make that particular field (name of the person in the meeting) available. I think this will change over time as developers increasingly see the value of deep linking / inter-app api's.

In the short term, I'd love to see more app integrations. For example, when @StevenTheApp recognizes that I'm home, I'd like to trigger the workflow that opens @Spotify and puts on my "I'm at home" playlist, which I'll then stream to my AppleTV. However, neither the Steven app, nor Spotify currently have workflows available. @arix is this a function of Steven & Spotify not having deeplink apis, or does Workflow just manually have to add them?

Very curious to see what people come up with.
Ari Weinstein — Founder, Workflow
@MattHartman Awesome, thanks Matt - great thoughts here! I haven't looked in depth but these are both probably things we can add. Will check it out.
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