Watch Netflix at work, safely

Workflix is the final extension to safely watch Netflix at work. You're so into your TV show or movie, when your boss walks in and... Wait, there's Workflix!

Just by pressing "Q" from your keyboard, you can mask your Netflix tab and automatically change tab, like if you're working (seriously).

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@jianali A little fun at work will keep you from becoming Dwight Shrute 👓. @danirogerc Nice app
This is awesome and hilarious (mainly because of all the butt hurt people in the comments). Learn to give your employees measure-able outcomes and due dates and then enforce it. If people meeting deadlines and completing their work as expected who cares if they are watching Netflix!
@rdbrdd 100% @danirogerc A neat addition to this would be to replace the Netflix favicon with google or stackoverflow or similar, so that there really are no giveaways.
Think about what you're doing. You have all the knowledge and skills to create something valuable for our society. And yet you choose to make something that encourages terrible behavior.
@jiananli looooooooool r u from 🤣
@jiananli I'm out of ideas, I develop something as soon as I need it, but any suggestion would be appreciated :)
Funny and cool if it works but honestly, that's a horrible thing to promote.
Not the best of ideas to promote at work, why not make it a general video player that could work to investigate while you are watching an online course?