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Not sure what Workable is thinking by creating a new candidate profile each time a candidate applies to a new job AND allows sourcers and recruiters to add candidates into ATS even if they are already in the ATS with the same email. This is a nightmare waiting to happen. It's pretty obvious the product team does not have Recruitment Experience at a large shop. You and your team will have to create your own follow up system using "tags" if you plan on managing and nurturing candidates that are not on a req. Upgrading to the Pro Account will be a must to do basic tasks like adding "Tags" to multiple candidates at a time, getting the API to work, Getting more that One Talent Pool! Yes, they make you pay more to create more than one talentpool. I would not be able to recommend Workable at this time. They do have some nice features and seem like nice people, but there are so many options on the market.


Nice clean UI. Nice Mobile App, Simple to learn, integrates with Gmail and Outlook, Has a nice Sourcing Tool built in (extra charge).


Allows duplicate Candidate Profiles to be created. Lacks mature CRM features, Chrome App is lacking autodetect, must upgrade to Pro Plan..