Words U

An iOS app that makes you sound smart

#5 Product of the DayMarch 04, 2015
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Hey Hunters! You can chat with other Product Hunters on Words U, and unlock all of features of the app for free. Just type: hunters when prompted for a group code!
I love this! Err I signify, I adulate this.
@marwannas haha! Sam and I are beholden to you for giving this app an endeavor!
@marwannas @daspianist guffawing. Our gramercy!!!
Brilliant app, and so incredibly done. Extremely impressed.
@shlomofellig Thanks for your kind words Shlomo! Incidentally, I also learned to code through Codecademy - that's how I managed to develop this app with Sam!
@daspianist Well you did one hell of a job. Congrats!
When you want to sound more sophisticated (but also teach you new words), flip to the Words U app. πŸ˜„ This is actually similar Emojimo Keyboard, in that it replaces words with emojis automatically, also created by @daspianist and @samrealizes. Curious to hear more about how this came to be.
@samrealizes @rrhoover Thanks for hunting Words U, Ryan! Sam and I have always had education angle when it came to making apps (Sam was a tutor since first grade), and building the Emojimo apps allowed us to explore the technology with emojis, as our.. Emoji MVP. Words U is actually a stand-alone learning app. The transformed words are highlighted and interactive, and learners can tap on them to reveal definitions and more. We thought one of the best ways to expose and help learners expand their vocabulary is through context - and what better and more relevant context than new vocabulary words inside their own conversations. Words U is our exploration of texting as a medium for learning, and we hope it could help time-constrained students, whether its for their own personal enrichment or preparing for exams like the SAT, learn more effectively. Also it helps them sound smart, too πŸ˜™
@rrhoover Thanks for hunting!! As Allan alluded to we want to help people learn. In fact we have our phone number in the app and are happy to help with homework or even admission essay writing. Please don't call at 3 am πŸ˜ƒ @daspianist