A no-fuss eBook about making decisions around the complexity involved in building a fast website today. This is a guide for less-technical site owners to help them regain some sanity and focus on what matters most: their craft or business goals.
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I have written this book as a personal exercise in "give before you get." I am passionate about writing and teaching people, so what better subject to start with than a topic I have been "swimming" in for the past ten years: the web in general, and WordPress in particular. This is a book aimed at less technical site owners, not at developers wishing to discover the next JS or CSS web performance technique. I think developers can make use of it as long as they are willing to learn a more humane way of looking at speed on the web. I hope you will find the writing enjoyable, fun at times, with sufficient pragmatism when the need arises. I am keen to hear your thoughts on it, and any feedback is welcomed, however harsh or kind.