Comments on “WordPress Stash
Piotr Kulpiński@piotrkulpinski · Full Stack Developer, maker of Chipmunk
Hi Product Hunters! It’s been really great seeing so many collection sites launched on PH over the last few months. Today I have a pleasure to present one of them myself to the PH community - WordPress Stash. It is a curated directory of resources and tools for WordPress made by @kwadwoadu. Being WordPress developer myself I find those resources incredibly… See more
Kwadwo Adu@kwadwoadu · Head of Digital @ SPACE10
@piotrkulpinski @janwennesland Thank you for hunting the site :) I've always had my own little stash of WP resources that I use for different projects. So I thought why not share my favorites and maybe people would share their favorites back as well. With more than 47,000 plugins out there it’s always a pain to find the needed resource.
Ankur Jain@ajonit · Founder, Ajonit Software LLP
@kwadwoadu A note of caution. Automattic doesn't allow their trademark word wordpress in domain names. They have got several people to shut such infringing domains.
Kwadwo Adu@kwadwoadu · Head of Digital @ SPACE10
@ajonit thanks, that's good to know - might need to figure out another domain name then
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
@ajonit maybe just "pressstash" - and rebuild in drupal just to be super safe? ;)
Artur Piszek@artpi · Chief Sandwich Architect @ Automattic
@kwadwoadu Awesome product! Choosing a proper WP tools is hard work, since there are so many of them! Regarding domain: indeed, WordPress Foundation (actually not Automattic) has clear rule about this: . We don't want people pretending to be associated with WP and convincing people to use dangerous plugins for example. You… See more
Kwadwo Adu@kwadwoadu · Head of Digital @ SPACE10
@artpi Thank you :) Yes make sense, I actually already found another domain name and it would be fantastic to get a little time to make the move, so thank you for that as well :-)