Wordhop Live

Monitor your chatbot from Slack and take over live 🤖 + 💁🏻

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Josh Barkin
@joshbarkin · Co-founder @ Janis
Thanks for the hunt @kwdinc! With Wordhop, you balance the strengths of AI with the strengths of your team and create the perfect mix. BOTS: We're not a bot building platform, but you connect bots to Wordhop so you can monitor them and take over your bot live without leaving Slack. We have tight integrations with Botkit and Botpress, two amazing platfor… See more
Malcolm Levy
@mal_levy · Founder, Generate
We have used in beta it's awesome!
Dany Fortin-Simard
@danyfs · Building Botpress
Congrats Josh and Michael! What you have done is completely awesome!!! Your tool is definitely the best take over integration on the market, it's easy to integrate and I will suggest it to anyone who needs a such feature. Looking forward to collaborate with you again.
Sylvain Perron
@slvnperron · Building Botpress
Congratulations on the launch! We experimented with WordHop a few weeks ago and it's incredible how Josh and Mike managed to streamline the process of getting a human in the loop. People using Slack will really enjoy working with WordHop. My favorite feature is the suggested responses. I can only imagine how useful that would be when deployed to a large a… See more