Start an anonymous chat session with your Twitter followers

#1 Product of the DayAugust 21, 2015

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Hey Product Hunters! I'm one of the founders of Wondr and I'd love to get your feedback. Right now, we get 1000+ downloads daily with only viral. Basically Wondr lets you start a Q/A chat session for your Twitter followers. They will be anonymous while chatting with you. It allows Twitter influencers to interact with their followers in a more genuine way. It has unique features like queuing conversations in case a lot of people come to the session. Please try and tell us what you think. You can also try the web chat interface from http://wondr.at/wondrapp, and tell us what you think anonymously! Thank you!
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@oyerli It's an absolutely great idea, and would be useful for startups who do really care about their users' opinion. Congrats with a launch! :) I think, we'll try it out soon
@alexstrvinsky Thank you! Will be happy to hear your feedback after you try it.
great app! congrats Ozan.
@serkanunsal Thank you!
Interested to know why you launched on iOS without android instead of launching a web portal first?
I'm doing a chat here http://wondr.at/Percival
Well done! Nicely executed brilliant idea. Hope that it will get more success than C2M!
@yigitkonur Thank you very much!