The portable butt shower for the best clean of your life

WonderSpray is a portable butt shower designed to provide the cleanest and most refreshing bathroom experience. Enjoy the best clean of your life wherever you go!
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Patrick Loonstra
Designer at patrickloonstra.nl
I love the Japanese toilets and also in South America you see a cheap version of the water cleaning as well. So strange we do have these standard in the US and Europe.
I was traveling on holiday to southeast Asia, and really needed to use the bathroom after getting off a long flight. I rushed to my hotel room and once I got in the bathroom and did my business, I noticed there was no toilet paper! Being the ignorant American I am, I started to panic and called the front desk. They told me I need to push the button on the toilet to spray my bum, no paper. I tried it and experienced the most amazing clean of my life. Since then I set out on a mission to create this wonderful clean & hygienic experience in a portable solution for everyone around the world to experience. For the past 2 years our incredible team has been designing, building, testing, (and testing some more) to create this wonderful experience which can be used in the palm of your hand. Today we have launched a crowdfunding campaign with almost 4,000 supporters and we couldn't be more excited to bring our vision of clean and healthy bums to a reality! Pre-order your WonderSpray now on Indiegogo to receive the Early Bird discounts, and exclusive perks (including our "WonderCase" carrying case)!
Deepak SahuData Engineer| ML| Product Freak
Awesomeness. India has it before and default :)
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Poo-Pourri's sidekick 🧻🛀🧼
It was hard to go through the video! But a great idea for an invention!
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