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Just signed up and asked for a date restaurant recommendation with live music. I'll report back the results. 😀 UPDATE: Here's their response, about 20 minutes after asking my question: Granted I should have been more specific but it would have been more useful if Philip provided a list of possible options.
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Before joining @betaworks, I briefly worked with @justinpw and team on an earlier product (they're all great, btw). So I've been testing early version of Wonder for a bit. I've found it to be extremely helpful for the use case of wanting deep research where I don't need the results in real-time and I also don't want to spend hours combing through potential search results. The answers have been particularly good when I'm trying to learn something new versus questions that have a discrete answer. As an example, @rrhoover's search fora date reservation is something that probably has a set of discrete results. However, I've found the best answers in Wonder to be ones that function more like Wikipedia -- the answers primarily serve to educate and then drive interest in learning more about the topic. However the Wonder responses feel like they get me up to speed more quickly and with less work than *wandering* through Wikipedia. I'm currently interested to know about the AI algorithms different startups are using. I just asked it "What are the primary AI algorithms used by startups". I'll post the response. UPDATE: here is the response: https://wonderlib.com/research-n...
@matthartman Thanks Matt! I'm glad you're enjoying Wonder. It's been great having you as an early user.
@matthartman @justpw I wonder (puns intended and not done yet) if the landing page might benefit from a few examples of great use cases for Wonder - Ideally they'd also instill a sense of wonder about a few topics (the emotion I think you're going for) and help Wonder "click". Like with Rabbits, I find myself wondering what I'd use it for until I see clever examples.
@staringispolite The landing page would definitely benefit from examples (among other things!). We have a small team and just haven't had time to get to it yet. Next time we want at least a 3 day warning before being posted on PH. =)
1. Tell Wonder what you'd like help researching 2. They'll send your request out to our research network 3. An expert researcher will email you back hand-picked resources within the hour
@manikarthik Thanks for posting Wonder!
@manikarthik Your users would appreciate knowing what it costs before giving you their email (and getting emailed by you)
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@jfeldstein Thanks Jordan. If it had a cost we would tell them what it is. (It's free!)
@justpw Anytime. Hope it didn't break anything. Saw you tweeted not being ready.
This is like GLG for everyday people. GLG guys are killing it so I can see how this can be big.
Wow! just tried it out and its pure magic:) All the best guys:)
@karthik2502 Thanks for giving it a try Karthik!