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Thomas Lesenechal@tlesenechal · Founder www.growmance.co 🇫🇷
Glad to be featured on Product Hunt with Women In Tech List. Shoutout to all the great communities around the world empowering women in tech. Feel free to ask any question.
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Hugo Maréchal@hugomarech
Great initiative Thomas.
Anthony Stylianou@anthony_stylianou · Social Media Manager, CatchApp
This got my upvote!
Thomas Lesenechal
@tlesenechal · Founder www.growmance.co 🇫🇷
@anthony_stylianou Thanks a lot :)
Anna E. Guseva@anna_e_guseva · Round
Totally in! Thank you
Thomas Lesenechal
@tlesenechal · Founder www.growmance.co 🇫🇷
@anna_e_guseva Great thank you !
Matthew Helbig@mhelbig1 · Video Content as a Service
@brookejoneschinetti :)
Aliz Zsarnóci@zsarnocializ · Women Startup Competition
Women Startup Competition from Hungary gladly support this very important list. Got our upvote! Congratulations. http://www.womenstartupcompetiti...