Wish Whale

Simple slick and flexible online wish lists

Wish Whale is the simple solution to creating wish lists. Create lists with products from any online retailers to shops on the high street, all in one place. Share lists and pinpoint links to exactly what you want or give broad hints to leave an element of surprise.

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Looks very cool.How do you monetize it
@nsidibe_etim in short we monetize via affiliate links. When a user adds a wish item that links to one of our affiliates we replace the link with the affiliate link version to the same product. This means we don't need to mess up the UI we spent time on looking nice with garish ads ✨ We also give a slight nudge toward our affiliate partners items with nifty features such as the Amazon price tracking we have. Though we really strive for simplicity and flexibility so we certainly don't mind if items don't link to affiliates or don't have links and are just descriptions and hints if you're after that that element of surprise 🙂