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Powerful dynamic email signatures


WiseStamp allows people to create and manage email signatures that look great and work flawlessly on all email platforms - no coding needed. The company's solution is ideal for both individuals and teams, helping its 850K users grow their businesses with every mail they send!

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Hello strangers!

Great product, also has an excellent team signature which we use to brand all employee emails - very effective for customer facing teams


Cool and easy to use


Most cool features are in their pro package, which is affordable ($6) - but not free

Career & Business Strategist

I get asked about my email signature at least once per week - people think it's fantastic. My theory is that having my photo in my signature makes people more likely to respond to me because they see that I'm a real person, not just a random email address. I teach a lot of workshops on networking, and I highly encourage everyone to get their own WiseStamp signature to help direct potential new contacts toward the information online that they want to present. It helps control how people learn about you right off the bat, rather than having them rely on Googling you. It's one of my most-used tools in my arsenal.


It takes your email signature game to a whole new professional level. Worth ponying up for the paid version.


I'd like more options to include various types of links besides just a newsletter sign up (which is what I use for everything right now)

Hidden comment

Email Signature is now really mandatory and must have for every blogger because google is giving more importance to the Author's Bio. So, we should have a bio which is detailed and let the user connect to us easily with trust factor. This wisestamp works fine when it comes to giving a proper email signature and other signature which are needed in the author bio.


Loved the clean look of the signature with all the details showcased perfectly.


Can be more attractive which suits all blog designs


Almost impossible to get my issue resolved in a timely manner. New rep everytime I send in an email. poor product with poor support!


Zero Pros because it doesn't work for Yahoo Mail


I pay for PRO support and there is no Phone or Web Chat support!

Venue Owner
It was fine until it didn't work with Safari any longer. They refuse to refund my up front paid years premium. I paid for pro support which is ridiculous. Not refunding my money is nothing short of theft.
No support, poor communication, fraudulent credit card charge AFTER communication to cancel. Signature looked appealing at first, worked until it didn't in Gmail. Buyer beware...once this company gets your credit card info you are in for headaches. Not a U.S. based company, so they apparently play by a different set of laws.
I use this daily, it makes the hundreds of emails I send out weekly look so much more professional. A no-brainer for anyone that wants to do much more with their email and outreach efforts.
It's a hassle to get rid of. It constantly overwrites signature settings to force the wisestamp signature as a default signature. If you have this problem you have to go through your Google account settings and revoke the access of this app. It took me a while to figure this out. If the developer reads this: Remove this "feature" and people will recommend you more.