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Wireflow is free online tool for creating beautiful wireframes & user flows. NO Photoshop skills required! It's Open Source and built by Vanila.io.

3 Reviews
Shiran Sanjeewa
Jelena Jovanovic
Zach Beattie
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  • Balu /NT Balanarayan
    Balu /NT BalanarayanBusiness Analyst, SAASFOCUS

    Simple enough to use

    Pre-built components with click through


    Export as JPG only (need PNG)

    Too much scrolling

    Connectors are wonky

    Not a replacement for Visio like tools for creating diagrams, but if you want to describe a basic app flow, you can build it out using this tool. Does the basic part pretty well but needs a lot more work before it can be used in any professional setting

    Balu /NT Balanarayan has used this product for one day.
  • Maria Hoffmeister
    Maria HoffmeisterCreator @ CourseShaper.com

    Easy and intuitive to use; many potential applications - I'll love it when it's finished! Very well designed graphics - simple and concise.


    Make templates searchable by topic, keyword or categories (scrolling takes too long); option to adjust colour in templates

    Very helpful and very much something I'm looking for on a regular base! Maybe add an icon library...or even a similar app for creating icons (or even images like product covers, for blog posts etc.) from simple shapes with a limited colour palette and perhaps a few textures, similar to an avatar builder.

    Maria Hoffmeister has used this product for one day.
  • Ziya Fenn
    Ziya FennUX and Product Designer

    Open Source, great alternative to manually create wireflows


    No cons - just unfinished.

    Looking forward to use Wireflow once it's properly released! Hate using Sketch for wireflowing!

    Ziya Fenn has used this product for one day.