Rapportive for your spreadsheet CRM

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Looks really promising as a "just get started" alternative to a full CRM! Nice work!
Turns email addresses to rich social profiles and detailed company information. Giving you a quick way to analyze your customers.
I'd love to see this for AirTable! @howietl
Great job! I've added Wiredin to my BizDev Tools collection. Would be even cooler, if you can add profile data for all cells in the list simultaneously.
@ekaterinaklink Yes, you can do it! Click on 'Home', select the first column(column A) and click on 'Batch Insert' and it will automatically populate all cells. Ping us at team@wiredin.io if you still have difficulties and we'd love to help.
Hi Product Hunters! We're excited to be featured by PH community. We're here to answer your questions. We're like Rapportive for Google Sheets. But instead of display-only, we insert data back to the spreadsheet too! Our current customers use WiredIn to research and enrich their customer data. Like Liam said, if you are using spreadsheet CRM, WiredIn helps to supercharge your spreadsheet. We are currently working on integrations with emails and existing CRMs. We'd love to hear feedback from Product Hunters!