Wired News for Messenger

Interact, search and follow the latest Wired News

After the success of Hacker News for Messenger decided to make one for the wired. You can do the following: - Search for info - Check out the latest news in Business, Design, Tech and Science - Interact (in limited amounts) - Get trolled Let me know if you would like me add any additional features or make changes :)
Looks really good, thanks! I can't figure out how search work. I tried the example typing "Donald Trump" but got no result even if there is a Trump article listed. I think the search function might be a very good thing!
@mikaellowgren Hey man! There is a bug with Chatfuel - contacted them to fix it :) Thanks for pointing it out!
This is great.I started using it. Do you want to sync up on how our bots can collaborate and make user's lives even better. My bot is Cruxfinder: https://www.producthunt.com/post...