Automatically reboot your router if the connection is lost

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Joost Schuur
@joostschuur · Product manager, Playmob
Good to see 'Have you tried turning it off and on again?' being automated ;)
Francis Lee
@sicnarftea · UnicornGO! Unlimited Graphic Design
Simple yet brilliant. this will keep the in-laws at bay! My "I'm not tech support" t-shirt never really worked..
Rotem Yakir
@rotemthegolfer · Guggy CEO - Fun-up Your Message
What is the different between Reset Plug?
Noah Kim
@wuss · I like to make useful things
What specifically is the trigger? Is it no wifi, or no WAN ip ? Or I'm guessing since it's open source this could be set per use case. Seems like you'd need a chain of these to be effective. Most people I know don't use a router/modem 2 in 1, so minimally you'd need 2.. and somehow be able to stagger the power cycle so that the modem cycles first and the... Show More
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