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Daniel Jacob Archer
@dja1o · dev/design @naritiv
The iOS and Mac apps are beautiful!
Brian Lovin
@brian_lovin · Product Designer, Facebook
The app is...beautiful. The visual design here is really stunning and I'm super impressed with the attention to detail. That being said, I'm just left scratching my head a bit trying to figure out where this fits into my normal communications flow. Not trying to be negative at all, just genuinely curious. When I first connected my contacts list, none of my … See more
@alxmlv · Founder Shipwise.co
Beautiful design. That said, I am finding it a bit hard to see where it fits in among existing messaging apps?
Mike Acler
@agilek · Chief Prototyper, Allprototypes.com
I opened the website and then waited and waited for some cool animation or video... And then found out I have to scroll - omg! /EDIT: Sometimes site shows slideshow and sometimes I get stuck with black background with the phone :-/
@mzuvella · Marketing @OnsideSports
Slick design but all these messaging apps fail at on-boarding users. Every single one. None of my contacts have the app so who am I going to talk to? They need to have dummy accounts you can chat with to see how the app works or else the majority of people will install and delete within 5 minutes.