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#2 Product of the DayDecember 03, 2014
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Stewart Alexander
Fu Xiao
  • Stewart Alexander
    Stewart Alexanderstewalexander.com

    Efficient interface, secure, easy to use


    Not well known, so have to get contacts to join

    Lovely app, unfortunately ts downfall is its obscurity, few know it exists. I for one sing its praises to all I know, still with so many options it is hard to get people away from other IM / vdeo clients

    Stewart Alexander has used this product for one year.
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Daniel Jacob Archer
Daniel Jacob Archer@dja1o · Director of Engineering at Ritual.com
The iOS and Mac apps are beautiful!
Mike Bestvina
Mike Bestvina@mbesto · Professional Utility Infielder
@dja1o it sure is beautiful, but it's not really usable IMO. My first impression is: super hipster. A couple of things that jump out right away: 1. It's not clear whether someone is online or not 2. The UI is quite buggy if you're not on Yosemite 3. Can't copy+paste an image from the clipboard 4. I'm not really sure what the bottom right button with the user icon does The only thing I *do* like is the chat transcript is really clear (but could use more visual clues as to who is talking) As someone who designs and understands the importance of whitespace, this actually has WAY too much whitespace, especially on the user list view.
Siim Teller
Siim Teller@teller · Marketing @Wire
@mbesto @dja1o Mike, give it another chance. The app has changed tons since it came out.
@dja1o As is the Windows and Android app.
Brian Lovin
Brian Lovin@brian_lovin · Product Designer, Facebook
The app is...beautiful. The visual design here is really stunning and I'm super impressed with the attention to detail. That being said, I'm just left scratching my head a bit trying to figure out where this fits into my normal communications flow. Not trying to be negative at all, just genuinely curious. When I first connected my contacts list, none of my known contacts showed up. So instead the app showed me a handful of random people and prompted me to add them. Is this an app to chat with random people? Or close friends? I wasn't sure. I'll definitely keep an eye on this one though, it seems like some of the interaction patterns are cool (the color switching feels nice, despite not actually adding functionality).
Alibek Datbayev
Alibek Datbayev@datbayev · Software Engineer, eCommerce lover
@brian_lovin had same issues, and they also don't have good "invitation" flow, like facebook connect and etc. (contacts only)
Siim Teller
Siim Teller@teller · Marketing @Wire
@brian_lovin Hi Brian, looks like you hit the typical issue with new network products - none/not enough of your friends are on it. Wire is definitely not for chatting with random people but with your friends and family. Would be interesting to hear if 7 months have changed something in terms of your tribe being on it.
Alex@alxmlv · (\/) (°,,,°) (\/)
Beautiful design. That said, I am finding it a bit hard to see where it fits in among existing messaging apps?
Alibek Datbayev
Alibek Datbayev@datbayev · Software Engineer, eCommerce lover
@alxmlv I installed it and realized that I have no one whom I can chat to
Mike Acler
Mike Acler@agilek · Chief Prototyper, Allprototypes.com
I opened the website and then waited and waited for some cool animation or video... And then found out I have to scroll - omg! /EDIT: Sometimes site shows slideshow and sometimes I get stuck with black background with the phone :-/
Matt@mzuvella · Director of Marketing @ FamePick
Slick design but all these messaging apps fail at on-boarding users. Every single one. None of my contacts have the app so who am I going to talk to? They need to have dummy accounts you can chat with to see how the app works or else the majority of people will install and delete within 5 minutes.