Python, ESP32, For Hackers and Makers.

WiPhone is a VoIP mobile phone designed to enable hackers and other people who want complete control of their phones. It's programmable in Python or C++/Arduino, and the hardware is expandable through add-on modules.
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Hi Product Hunt, We want to put control of our phones back in the hands of power users. WiPhone isn't bloated with a bunch of user-antagonistic apps and features, but instead enables us to do what we need, or repurpose our phones completely. Some highlights: - programmable in Python - simple firmware: one person can understand the whole code base - easily expand the hardware (à la project Ara, except you can easily make your own module if you want) Just one week left on our crowdfunding campaign, so head over to Kickstarter and grab one before time runs out!
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This looks great. I've been looking around for this kind of technology for a while now and this looks very promising - can't wait to have one of these so that I can have all my privacy back.
It's a unique idea and very well executed. We can modify the functionality of software as per our own requirements. Hackable hardware design is also a useful feature of this product. I really enjoyed playing with the software and was able to tweak a lot. Highly recommended
WOw this looks like next big thing. Really looking forward to get a hand on one and it can be used as a development tool and you can quickly prototype your project idea with the help of wiphone.
Nice piece of hardware to turn your ideas into reality. Such a great technology. Highly recommend.