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Hi everyone, Sara from Winnie here. We just launched special interest communities on Winnie at (and also available in our iPhone app, and our Android app These are places to get advice and connect with informed parents on a variety of topics like adoption, single parenting, saving money, raising special needs children, and so much more. We want to ensure that we have the best possible resource for parents in any family situation, at any age or stage. That's why topic communities on Winnie are designed to be relevant, informative and safe. You can read more about our launch on our Medium post Excited to hear what you think!
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@sm ❤️ this release
@sm Something that always irks me about parenting apps & forums: they quickly devolve into unhelpful comments and wind up sounding like "I don't know why you're so terrible at this; my LO is 2 and she can swim three laps without assistance, plays Mozart beautifully and is reading at a 5th grade level." Do you plan on harnessing this behavior somehow? I guess I'm curious what the moderation and policing is like to discourage that type of behavior and encourage support.
@mattholsinger Yes! Everything on Winnie including the communities are moderated through both automated techniques and humans to ensure the discussions always stay useful, relevant and safe! This is a huge issue with mothers group so we set out to ensure Winnie is never like that from day 1.
@sm Right on; thank you very much.
👋🏼 I'm Sara's cofounder Anne and I lead product at Winnie. Happy to answer any questions about design, product decisions or implementation!
@annekate what's your favorite topic on Winnie?
@sm Working Parents! I've gotten so many good tips on time management, helpful products and just overall support when I'm feeling down about missing out on time with my kids.
This is so so smart and needed.
Awesome direction @sm, the resources out there are so fragmented and I think examples like SmartMom, FB groups and Parenthoods have shown parents deeply need a trusted group to help with Q&A. I see travel and local discovery apps going in a community first direction and love the similar dynamic.
An actually useful app for parents!
@sm just shared some stuff