Winnie is the app that gives parents superpowers. Whether you want to find new things to do with your kids, ask for advice, or just get to the nearest changing table in a hurry, we can help.

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Hi everyone. I'm the CEO and co-founder of Winnie, an app making parents smarter. You get unique insights about everything from pregnancy to local childcare to the best places to go with your family. Today we’re excited to share that Winnie is available for Android users in the Google Play Store. You can download the app at When you sign up for Winnie you can: * Immediately join a helpful community of moms & dads — no more waiting for invites to exclusive groups. * Ask questions and get recommendations about anything from sleep training to local childcare. * Always have something to do, whether it's fun activities for the kids or new friends and playdates. * Browse and search our unique directory of family-friendly restaurants, shopping, parks and more. * Help other parents by sharing your experiences and recommending your favorite places. If you have an iPhone instead, check out our iPhone app at We'd love to hear what you think of Winnie and we'll be here taking questions all day!
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congrats @sm on the android launch!
Why did you decide to build both an iPhone and Android app so early in your company?
@reyner Great question! We actually had a button on our website ( for awhile to "Download for Android" in addition to our "Download for iPhone" button. We saw the android button was getting *more* clicks than the iPhone one... even though it just took you to a signup page in the beginning. This indicated to us early on that we needed an Android app.
@reyner We would have done it sooner even! But it took a while to find a great Android engineer, and we were committed to having a full time platform expert instead of just porting the app. I think it was well worth the wait (and Anita is amazing). The fact is that parents live on their phones. It was important to us from the beginning to be mobile-first, with great app experiences on both of the major smartphone platforms.
I'm really glad to see that this works in a few Canadian cities :)