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Hi Product Hunt! CEO & Co-founder of Winnie here. Today we’re officially launching, a comprehensive directory of every licensed daycare and preschool in San Francisco complete with descriptions, pricing, availability info, photos and reviews from parents. It’s especially helpful for finding home-based daycares that aren’t otherwise listed on the internet. Search by location, age, keywords like “montessori”, and more. You’ll want to check it out on desktop web to get all the features. Winnie is all about making parents’ lives easier and finding high quality, reliable child care is one important piece of the picture. We are quickly working to bring to parents all over the United States. No matter where you live, you can add a review to Winnie for your daycare or preschool to help build out the listings in your city. Would love to hear what you think.
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Hi, I'm Sara's cofounder & CPO of Winnie! I designed the product and worked on the data collection effort. If you have questions about how we built this or feedback on the UI I'd be happy to hear from you!
@annekate <--- mastermind behind and all our products at Winnie 💪💪
Well @sm and I are basically a duumvirate. Equal rule by the equally awesome 🤘🏼
@annekate as someone who recently needed to search for childcare I totally understand and see the need for a consumer friendly 'catalog' of daycares. Some cities (such as NYC) make it possible to search all licensed daycare facilities and display inspections associated with the daycare. They, unfortunately, don't give insight into openings which is usually the primary concern. I'm curious as to how Winnie is tackling that problem. Manually or are you incentivizing daycare owners to own their identity on Winnie?
@chrisa9 I think other people have tried to do this by recruiting providers to manage their pages, but honestly, teachers and caregivers are extremely busy people and we prefer to do as much of the work for them as possible. So we built automated systems to collect availability data proactively from providers and so far it's working very well.
oh man, wish this existed when we were going through the process!
@hunterwalk never to late to have another 👶
This is an amazing resource! I'm sharing this with all my friends!
@kim_cellere thank you and thanks for all you've contributed to Winnie!!
Sara and Anne, Excellent work! The webpage is beautiful and has lots of useful data. Thanks for building this.
@mager thank you! Florence is of course responsible for the awesome webpage :)