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WingNotes was built to help keep notes organized and readable, yet easy to use.
It specifically shines in organizing referential-notes — ie. notes that follow a description-and-reference structure — such as those used for studying or documenting.
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I came across WingNotes when I was browsing for different types of note-taking apps. I am far away from my referencing days but the idea of having a parallel lane for my reference material just clicked. This can turn into something very exciting for students who cite a lot of material while taking notes. A brilliant idea, I think.
@mittuled Thanks for the hunt! Glad you find WingNotes useful! (:
Hi all, thanks for checking out WingNotes. I created it to help organize my notes for the technical topics I often dive into. The layout is partly inspired by (some of the best IMO) API docs and partly by Cornell notes. I made it an objective early on to make the editor responsive in case screen space was limited. That way, the notes always remain legible and tidy. Feel free to AMA. Hope WingNotes proves useful for you!
Looks really cool! Love that you can export in Markdown. Hope to give it a try soon. Does it work offline? Is it a PWA?
Thanks @anna_0x! Unfortunately, it does not currently have offline support, but it is something that will be supported in the future!
great one, thanks