Wingman - outsource flirting

Wingmen talk to people on dating apps on your behalf

Wingman is a service that helps people chat online on dating apps. For those who don’t master online flirting or simply don’t have the time, Wingman lets you outsource this process on your own behalf. Yes, pro flirters take over your online dating.
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Hi! We're building Wingman as a personal challange on the side. We know this idea is pushing the boundaries a bit but that’s what makes life fun. Wingman is quite simply a service where you can pay people who are good at messaging to do that on your behalf and help you in securing a date where you can actually show your true self. If you believe you have what it takes, you can also sign up to become a Wingman and get paid to secure dates for other more shy than yourself. Wingman is a very straightforward concept. Granted, it may not be for you but we’re willing to bet you have someone in mind who would love our service. Share it to them, do us both a favour :) Curious to see what the PH community thinks. We’re just playing around with something rather bold and potentially fun and interesting.
Thanks, I hate it. As if women didn't suffer enough dishonesty in dating.