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A new kind of assistant that never says "I don’t understand"

#1 Product of the DayFebruary 07, 2020
Wing is a 24/7 assistant powered by humans & AI that can handle anything, as long as it's legal and possible. All you have to do is place a request on our app, or text us, and we'll handle the rest.
Try Wing now, text a request to 929-415-9464 😻
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Hi, I’m Karan, Wing's creator! Wing is a new kind of intelligent assistant, powered by AI and humans. My college roommate and I built Wing because we had no time (and didn't really want...) to do things ourselves! At the time, we honestly just wished we could afford some help, like an assistant. However, we were broke. So, I took my teenage fascination with Jarvis from Iron Man, AI experience, and combined it with a real problem that we were facing, and decided to build a product: Wing - an unlimited superhuman assistant, starting at $9.99/mo. Wing uses lots of fancy in-house built AI, trained human assistants, strategic business partnerships, and more, allowing us to be an assistant that can handle *anything* (as long as it's legal and possible) 😉 Give it a try! Text a request to 929-415-9464 😊 Your feedback is very welcome! 😻
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@bobby_jones3 @shumster101 Thank you both :-) Would you be interested in trying Wing out? We'd love the feedback, the first two weeks are free!
@karan_kanwar congrats on the launch Karan!
Thank you @kelvin_man! Hope all is well :-)
This is pretty cool. Think Alexa/Siri meets Magic (remember that app that would do anything for you via a text?) and turns the experience into a simple, mobile-based solution.
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Thank you so much for hunting us, @pollock! It means a lot 😊 That's an awesome way to put it! We're excited to see how you use Wing. 🚀
I was just at the product launch for this and honestly? This is revolutionary. I really value the idea of executive resource availability, and in a world that constructs workplace microcosms around systems of in-betweens and logistical middlemen, Wing seems like the kind of app that has the potential to cut out middlemen from the picture— permanently. I truly believe in the productive power of this product (albeit influenced by the talks I’ve had with this organization’s VERY dedicated CEO) and look forward to see how they will continue to change the world in the future.
Thank you for coming @alina_kim1!! We were happy to have you at the event 😊 Feel free to leave any feedback if you have any, we'd love to hear it!
The biggest challenge with these on-demand virtual assistants is typically unit economics. ?makers, how does this work for $9.99/mo?
Wow, it's a great pleasure to have you comment, @rrhoover, thank you so much! 😄 We have seen many of these assistant products come and go over the years, and have studied them in great depth, assessing their reasons for failure, etc. As a result, it's in the way we approached the problem. Our team has extensive experience in artificial intelligence, automation, and working with businesses to form partnerships. We have also, been working on this project for quite a while now, and have built much of the technology required to execute this insane vision of "the anything assistant". Now, all we're lacking is data about handling different types of requests! Not to get too technical, but we have a 5-prong approach to handling requests that come our way. Some of these are deep learning-based, pre-programmed skill-based, some come from partnership contracts, etc. Our team is constantly pushing to improve these various techniques daily. This, in turn, allows us to have a small number of highly trained human assistants who are able to handle a firehose of tasks at an incredibly low price point - because we've made their job super simple 😄
Just over 4 years ago @colemanoates and I launched Ease. We were just starting 8th grade, got really board in a class, and decide to dive into this whole "Hybrid" intelligence thing. We didn't keep it together for long, but I will always have a place in my heart for this space. All of that is to say, I think Wing has really figured it out and I am excited to see what all it can do! Kudos on the launch ?makers!
@colemanoates @nhuebecker You were way ahead of the curve! We are very fortunate to have many tools today that can help serve thousands of requests! We are excited for you to try us!
@nhuebecker Thank you for the nice words! We appreciate it and hope we can propel your legacy :) Happy to stay in touch!
@colemanoates @nhuebecker Thank you for the kind words, and like @karim_arabi & @rolandpolzin have said, we hope we carry that legacy forward :-) If you're interested in staying in touch, DM me! I'll send you my email!