Win The Day for Chrome

Transform your browser to improve focus & boost productivity


Stop surfing... start doing. Win The Day transforms your browser so you can set goals, get focused, cut out distractions, protect your time and GET MORE DONE.

GOAL TRACKING allows you to set daily targets & achieve your goals

FOCUS MODE blocks distracting sites and set an intention for every session

HABIT TRACKING helps you build good habits

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Ashwin Mullankandy
Michael Khalili
Chris Field
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  • Pros: 

    Easy to navigate, clean and simple interface


    Missing option to change calendar view to map out daily targets

    Set-up took very little time. Very user-friendly interface. I wouldn't mind if one of the themes was just a solid color. A couple of them make me want to daydream. I like that when I go to open a browser, the interface surfaces but I can easily override it.

    I'd like a more traditional calendar view to map out daily targets which could then be auto-populated into the daily view.

    Overall, I like the extension a lot.

    Tawanna B Smith, MPP has used this product for one day.
  • Hayley Jane Bourne
    Hayley Jane BourneSubject Leader MFL, DP Academy

    Clear, user-friendly, blocks distractions.


    Would like to add more than one goal.

    Easy-to-use app that you can keep open and available to track habits and meet goals. A reminder buzzer/alarm to let you know that you need to complete a habit would be helpful.

    Hayley Jane Bourne has used this product for one day.
  • Ryan Chin
    Ryan ChinPrivate Equity



    If it had more than 1 "goal" at a time

    Win the day is helpful in making your goals more "sticky". The reopening of new tab adds a constant, but gentle, reminder which in turn motivates you to finish what you set out to do. I highly recommend you get this ontop of having your checklist.

    Ryan Chin has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Looks great and easy to use.


    some of the onscreen functionality needs a tweak

    mine doesnt scroll up and down... so habit page only really fits 2. also the habit blocks for friday and saturday are under sunday and monday... unless this is my set up.

    really great idea and i have transferred by BSJ goals on to test it and it is very good.. especially day count on main goal

    Pete Brooke has used this product for one day.