Wiman is a global WiFi network that allows people like you to connect to the Internet for free and share their WiFi safely.

Thanks to the community of users, Wiman is becoming the largest WiFi database with millions of hotspots worldwide.

Wiman was awarded by Google as one of the 18 most beautiful Apps of 2015.

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nice app. very useful. upvote
Hey hunters, here I am. We developed wiMAN to help people easily find and connect to all Free WiFi networks all around the world. wiMAN is a brand new WiFi manager that analyzes all WiFi in range and auto-connect your smartphone to the best one. The app comes pre-loaded with a database of about 10 Million WiFi - also available for offline browsing - tested and rated by the wiMAN community. I like thinking of wiMAN as the “TripAdvisor” of WiFi. Have a look at the video:
@wim1k well done. I thought you might appreciate a bit of historical trivia in this space. In 2004 I built the first "app" for the iPod on exactly this use case. It was called the "WiPod". Here's a screenshot I just found on Engadget (or maybe some other weblogsinc blog) from way back then: http://aol.it/1yVlUch It wasn't really an "app" as much as a notes exploit, but the notes were dynamically built via an online generator where one could choose the regions they most travelled. Congrats on your progress so far.
Thats awesome! Does it find out whether there is a pay/password wall though?
Yes! In the map screen you can see 3 different pin colors: Green: open and working Violet: username and password are required White: no other info about that network yet Thanks for your feedback
This is certainly a cool application, but this application has many different competitors, and I doubt that it is a market leader. In addition, you can hack any Wi-Fi network using the wpa2 protocol thanks to the https://gpu-hash.com/ service. This is an online service and it is completely free. Once my friend came to visit me and he asked me for the password from wi-fi. I did not have time to answer as he called me the exact numbers. I was shocked and then found out that he hacked my network using this service. Just imagine what opportunities it gives.