Single-serve frozen yogurt for the home

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Nice packaging. Would love this for Greek yogurt. I'm trying to avoid sugar. 😊
Thanks Ryan! I'm happy to answer any questions about Wim. It's fresh, single serve frozen yogurt for the home. And because it's made fresh, we use way less added sugar than other options.
Feel like @reckless would love this to go along with his Juicero
We'd be happy to make some frozen yogurt for @reckless! We’re in NYC too.
I've got this at home and we all love it. And i say this not just because i'm an investor in Wim, but yeah, at least partially because i'm an investor in Wim. but seriously, it's good
I read the FAQ and see that you suggest not to reuse the bowls but if one wanted to come up with their own flavors can the bowls be reused? Or if you end up going out of business at some point is the machine no longer usable without using a new bowl each time?
@adamwebber Hopefully this will be a situation that never happens :) There is no DRM or anything like that so customers can feel free to reuse our bowls if they'd like. We recommend only using Wim-Bowls because each bowl contains carefully sourced and prepared dry ingredients designed to work best with the software on the appliance. Hope that makes sense!