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Wilson FM

The first and only Podcast Magazine


Wilson is a podcast magazine. Once a week, we’ll send you a curated playlist of culturally relevant and thematically significant episodes packaged into a perfect issue. You don’t need to register, there is no onboarding, and we don’t use algorithms that syphon you into your own personal content hell.

Would you recommend this product?
Product manager at Goldman Sachs

Because you can never have too many podcasts


Great design, diversity of episodes from different podcast shows, editorial curation


The app icon is hilarious

Yo, PhD in graffiti.

I have been using the beta for a month and love how I can go for a run and just hit play, finally some fresh content after passively using the stock podcast app for years. Wilson is my new radio.


Great discovery


Not much, it's so simple

Cook, HFR Advocate, and Comma Proponent

There's a new collection every week, it's lightweight and simple


A novel and fun way to discover podcasts


None so far