Journal your day by talking to Wilson the Volleyball

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Hi Guys, Wilson🏐 is your buddy, but he can't talk back at all, just like in the movie Cast Away. I've been trying to journal my days in many different spaces. On days when I simply didn't have enough things to write, a big blank white page was a bit daunting for me to fill out. Wilson allowed me to share bite-sized thoughts throughout the day as if I'm talking to a buddy, instead of having to piece together a whole stream of thoughts at once into a long post. This is just a humble, harmless experiment. If enough people like it, I'm thinking of streamlining the chat histories with Wilson into a website that makes it easy for you to read back on your days.
@alexyoungkwon what do you think of Replika's latest release?
@chrismessina Actually Replika and Hugging Face were the reason I wanted something like this. I personally think an AI for emotional support (like friends irl) is even more challenging than industry specific use cases. When responses I get were even remotely random/irrelevant, having to engage & correct responses from the AI friends became a chore for me. Personally, random/irrelevant response < no response. I like Replika's diary section, but haven't tried it extensively since it's one of several features it has. What I love, is their founding story. I respect the team's end goal a lot. It's something worth fighting for.
@alexyoungkwon cool! Check the latest release... It's become much more like Wilson. What are you using on the backend to generate responses?
@alexyoungkwon what's the best way to get in touch with you?
@chrismessina There's no backend, and there's no response. I just protoprototyped it as a Messenger app. I followed you back on Twitter so feel free to DM me!
Might be a in interesting application for Google Home/Assistant. Could store journals for people and use meta tags for topics/moods.
@sluiceandroid I actually really like that idea. will keep that in mind. This kind of constructive feedbacks/suggestions is why I love this space. :)