App to train a stronger mind

Struggle with a bad habit that you cant control ?
Smoking, Snacking, Skipping Gym, Oversleeping?
WillPower can change that.
Through daily tasks, meditation, professional advice and much more.
WillPower will train your mind to become stronger.

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22 Reviews5.0/5
We worked really hard to launch this product! All feedback is much appreciated πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜€
Loving this app!!! Strong WillPower is a must nowadays. I have a feeling that in this fast paced world, there are so many temptations, people need to train and improve their WillPower and self control. Also this app has lots of good meditations which helps so much.
@mogis_ahmad Thankyou, there has been a lot of hard work in creating this app, your words are appreciated.
It came to our attention that there doesn't seem to be an App that tackles the WillPower some people lack, Many people have bad habits such as smoking, overeating, gym avoidance, alcohol consumption, not paying enough attention to their relationships and so many more. Our App will diminish those bad habits with unlimited guided and unguided meditation, relaxation techniques, easy daily tasks to let you forget and avoid temptations, calming music and thousands upon thousands of medically proven advice to help destroy bad habits from biting nails, cheating all the way to anger managing. With over 200 bad habits and many more to come, we shall train and develop you to overcome these habits We hope you check out our app and that it will help you to become a better you.
Very easy to use! Great app
@serik_shungulov thank you so much :)
@serik_shungulov we have the honor, comradeπŸ‘πŸ‘
Awesome πŸ‘πŸ» Great Idea - Willpower
@raj_maher thank you for your kind words.