Willo Video Interviewing

Easily interview people remotely on video, for free.

(Update: 6 months after launch) Willo offers simple, free, asynchronous video interviewing that you can setup in minutes. You write the questions and people answer on recorded video. Now out of beta and with global coverage (Translation coming soon).
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It has been 6 months since we launched Willo to the world and I wanted to update the amazing PH community on that journey. -- 2019 -- We spent all of 2019 developing and testing, and testing some more... with around 15 organisations in Beta who provided a mountain of useful insight. πŸ”¬ -- 2020 -- We launched to the world in January and since then have seen sign ups from over 45 countries which has been beyond anything we ever expected - some of this demand was driven by COVID, but mostly it was word of mouth which is awesome. 🌎 One of the most interesting learnings has been the alternative use cases that we have seen, many users now use Willo for more than just recruitment. Check out some of these use cases: 🧘 Employee Wellness πŸ›ƒ Pre-Employment Checks 🧐 Site Inspections πŸ€— Customer Testimonials πŸ‘‹ Exit Interviews πŸ—£οΈ VC Pitches Please check it out (Free to use) at www.willotalent.com - I would love to hear your use cases and also any feedback on what you would like to see improve.
Shoot me an email at https://willo-demo.carrd.co/ if you want to setup a quick demo. πŸ™πŸ» Thanks for all the ❀️ today!
@euan_cameron looks like a great tool! Do you use a 3rd party app to integrate scheduling? If so, which?
@alex_papageorge1 Thanks - we currently have our own native scheduling but I am looking at Calendly for more advanced integration with the users own calendar etc. Any alternative suggestions?
@euan_cameron Unfortunately not. I ask because I see a similar question coming down the line in a month or so... Do you know if there are any disadvantages to the calendly integration? That was were I was/still am leaning (no native scheduling code).