Willing is the best way to plan for your end of life.

We believe a complete estate plan must go beyond a simple will. As such, our service includes a last will and testament, living will, power of attorney, and a revocable living trust or transfer on death deed. All for just $69!

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Hello Hunters! We are Rob and Eliam. We built Willing after hiring an attorney to create estate planning documents for a relative who had a medical emergency. Willing takes your final wishes and instantly turns them into legally binding documents for free. Try it out and please let us know what you think. Excited to hear your comments.
@eliam2 might be nice to add something about who is behind this on the site itself. Luckily I found it via PH, and know YC is legit, but not everyone will. It is a nice clean design, but for some reason (for me) it's still lacking in that warm-fuzzy-trustworthy factor which is important for a service like this. Including founders photos and your story may help.
@eliam2 this is great, but the site bugged out at choose type of burial and wouldn't let me get past that screen bc each section was required and when I'd choose something from the next section, the previous deselects (on mobile)
Willing is in the S15 batch of YC -- and I love what they're doing. Death is such a hard (sometimes abstract feeling) thing to talk about -- but it's something we all have to do. I hope this team makes those conversations and plans easier for everyone.
No luck for Canadians?
@ryanmarr Hi Ryan! At the moment we're only in the US, but we have plans to roll out to Canada in the future. Thanks for your interest!!
@rdyson It might be worth taking my country earlier in the onboarding process. I've signed up now not knowing that you're not in Canada and to you guys, I'm just going to look like an orphaned account. Vs I sign up, select Canada, then you guys are like all "Hey sorry we're not in Canada yet but thanks for you interest. We'll hit you up when we launch in Canada." It will also give you a country field to query against in your members table to know which countries should be a priority in your road map. Just my 2 cents. This touched on a pain point for me as I am now the sole owner of some property and I have no will. I've been meaning to do this for weeks!
This is brilliant! Are there plans to monetize it at some point?
@rdyson @eliam2 This is great, and something I wish had been around when I used a traditional legal firm to have my will constructed. 2 questions: 1/ I need to add a new child to my current will but don't want to spend a few hundred to have it amended. Is there any issue with creating another, redundant will through Willing in addition to the original? 2/ any plans to take it a step further and add in trusts? this could be a likely step towards monetization.