Real, physical demand letters to get your invoice paid.

Client didn’t pay? This service will send them a letter. Williams & Harricks sends a real, physical demand letter to your client reminding them to pay your outstanding invoice.

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Hey everyone! 71% of freelancers say they have been stiffed before. We think that’s messed up, so we created a simple tool to help get people paid. Williams&Harricks, an app for freelancers (or anyone else running a business) to send real, physical demand letters to clients who haven’t paid them on time. Yes, we’re talking the kind of letter you would normally pay a lawyer for to send, but instead of having to pay $900 and hours of your time, you only pay $3 and send it in 5 minutes or less. Sounds legit right? It is. Freelancers can even choose from multiple templates with varying levels of severity ranging from stern to “Whoa, this person is not messing around!”. We even send alerts when the letter is sent and delivered. And if you're already an AND CO member, the flow is even simpler. Within AND CO you can simply select an unpaid invoice and send a demand letter right from the app. The letter will magically pre-populate with the invoice information, client address etc. Just click to send. Hope we can get some people paid. Let me know what you think!
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@leifthunder love this! Know sb who needs it :) sending it over now 🙌
@leifthunder Great idea. I feel like this product will cannibalise itself over time as it grows and as people become aware of it. It's greatest potential is flying under the radar no?
@leifthunder What would be cool would be to have a range of trading names so people don't catch on.
@gregjohnkeegan super cool idea! And yes, if the brand stays the same that is indeed a potential issue. We were also thinking of giving people the option to send letters from their own company name as well.
@leifthunder So glad to see this becoming a reality ! I was discussing with a friend the other day who was experiencing a client refusing to pay royalties. And we were both remarking that people tend to comply in a second when the request comes with a lawyer stamp - thus making this kind of service a real problem-solver and business opportunity. Good job guys !
Really excited by how this fits into the AND CO stack. Standard Freelance Contract to keep you protected, slick workflow to keep you on track of everything, and Williams&Harricks to give a meaningful nudge when needed.
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@mdagabriele nicely done! This is fantastic. If we can send hand-written thank you notes, why not send physical reminders for outstanding invoices?! 🙌
@kunalslab absolutely! :)
"Advocacy for the self-employed." Watch this space!
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LaaS- Letter as a Service
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@binoyxj Haha exactly!
Thanks @kevinfischer for hunting!
@leifthunder 👊🏻🖐🏻✨