Will You Be My Dev?

NO. I won't work for equity or exposure. Pay me instead.

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Are you tired of being asked by people to work on their product for an equity
that currently has zero value or even exposure? πŸ™„
Just send them a link to this website with your favorite reaction aka gif and they will get the message loud and clear.
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Arnob Mukherjee
Arnob Mukherjee@iamarnob6543 Β· Founder @ Culrs
Hahahahaaaaa Totally loved it, I think this applies to designers too! And dude you are a machine one more launch in a month!
Tekeste Kidanu
Tekeste KidanuMaker@iamtekeste
πŸ‘‹ PH! If you are tired of getting requests from people to work on their product for exposure or "equity" just send them a link to this website. It would tell them NO. I don't work for free. Pay me instead. This website features so many priceless reactions that cover the wide range of emotions one feels when one is asked to work for exposure. Use the links below and share your favorite. No! Outraged Stop this madness! I can't even look at you!
Rupak Mishra
Rupak Mishra@mshra_ji
Great way to say no! loved this one... Also the launch video its so Funny!
Shivam Dewan
Shivam Dewan@shivam_dewan Β· Design Guy. Product Guy
Hahaha! Love it man :D