Will My Job Give Me Covid-19?

Find out which workers face the greatest coronavirus risk

Based on a research by the NY Times. Will My Job Give Me Covid-19 shows you the risk that workers face from coronavirus as their job.
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A little under a week ago @dreamture reached out to me with the idea of building a website that helped understand the risk of contracting Covid-19 at work. As cities, states and countries around the world are relaxing stay at home orders, we naturally concerned about the risks of returning to work. We looked at research done by the New York Times and the UK Government exploring the topic, and decided to build a website to help answer the question that many of us are thinking about. Would love to know what you think of what we built and am happy to answer any questions you may have.
@dreamture @mubashariqbal Great build guys! I know this is something that a lot of my friends who work in various industries are talking about. Especially with the tough economic outlook on the horizon, I think this discussion point is only going to get more relevant. Awesome launch! :)
There was a low chance of robots taking my job and now it seems I dodged another bullet by being a software developer. Cool project! Also, the website crashed a couple of times due to the alpha WebM video. It doesn't seem to affect a lot of users, but you might want to watch out. You can check my report in the Chromium issue tracker for more info: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chro...
@dodov Thanks for letting us know about the video problems, will see about getting that fixed if possible, or removed if not.
Interesting project.
Seeing you constantly launch things on Twitter has me finally running through Laracasts' Laravel from Scratch course on a Friday night :)
@rossdcurrie Sweeet! Let me know if you get stuck on anything. You probably wont because Jeffery is a great teacher.
@mubashariqbal Will do! He's pretty good. My main challenge in trying to get back into webdev in recent years has been the environment setup. Back in the day you just ftp'ed some .pl files up to the server and bingo bango. These days it feels like there's a lot of messing around to get environments right. Finding Laragon changed all that
This is good & scary at the same time. :)
@usama_khalid Haha that's too true!