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Thanks for hunting us @bramk! After a pre-launch last december we have a significant update for our app + we’re available on 5056 different Android devices ;)! Staying close to the playing cards analogy, we introduced DECKS. These are stacks of Wildcards filtered around events. People like you can request Decks for events you fancy (ranging from intimate meetups to massive conferences). Complementing on that, any meeting place (offices, airports, coworking spaces, etc) will do as a Deck. It’s exciting everyone can request Decks and we’re curious which events you will ‘Hunt’. When you request some Decks through Wildcard, you become a DEALER (more analogy haha) and your personal Wildcard will be the first others see when they join that Deck (sort of the same reason why people hunt products here). So you will have all the reason start one. Together we make (that necessary evil) networking FUN and efficient again! :D
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@milann This is so awesome! Great concept and LOVE the design!
@think_andreah @milann Appreciated Andrea! :) Do you like the bold choice we made on purple? ;) we want to be the odd one out.. And what do you think of the video we made? :o
@milann Haha the video is cute. And yeah I love the purple, kind of reminds me of like a magician hat.
@think_andreah hahaha yeah exactly the metaphors we would like to trigger ;)
Last time I hunted Wildcard they were still in Beta (oops!), now they launched and I think it looks awesome. You can meet interesting people at events using a Tinder style UI. Also, they've added the ability to create stacks (curated for now) of cards around events or places. So if you are organizing an event you can have your unique stack where people that are at your event can join so they can meet each other. I think this is a super cool and promising app. @milann, @samuelbeek and @yojochem take it away!
Haha @bramk on the front page. That frown. Classic. Very nice @milann, love where this has landed since TNW.
@thisisjorik thaanks dude! It was @bramk, @jruis or you on the front page... we did a vote ;) look at them shine
Can I start a deck for any event? Would love to make a deck for my Meetups!
@kayvink very easy, @milann can help you with it :D
@samuelbeek @kayvink yes, Decks are user generated and anyone can request one (just like on PH). Which meetup would you like to add? :)
@milann @kayvink Amazing, sending you a dm now.
Finally some proper app that (awesomely) facilitates the only feature you actually need in an event app. Curious what the CTA on the website is going to do ("request deck"). Not clear what that is unless you scrolled to the bottom of the page. Why not make that "add your event" or put a questionmark icon next to "deck" to show the context of the word. PS: video = great.
@donfontijn We're working on a proper request a deck form, both in the app and site, but in short: When you've create a deck you create a filter for events. As it's creator you're on top of the stack, so everyone at the event will see you first (like hunting a product here).
@donfontijn thanks for the upper and proper feedback Don. Add event makes sense, let's a/b test that ;)
@robertvhoesel @donfontijn clever thinking Robert, but we first wanted to 'feel/test the water', what peeps come up with (maybe they have better ideas than we have), and lets just build an api for it afterwords ;)
@milann I've been using Weave a lot, and love the concept. I know they have event based functionality built in too, how do you see yourself differentiating from them?
@someear Hey Samir, thanks for the potential upvote. ;) Your question is right on the money, we found Weave even before we hacked this together at a hackathon and we thought it was a great inspiration. 1. Where we differentiate is we only use Twitter authentication, Linkedin works as an online resume but nothing more than that. Your Twitter profile shows who you are and what's happening now in your life. 2. We focus on live live live where anyone can create a Deck on the fly, making events of any size (not the only ones that can afford an event app) transparant for everyone to join and network/meet people. 3. Next to events we support meeting places of all kinds, like coworking spaces, museums, airports, offices, anything really. :) Basically we've got mad love for Twitter and we see what's missing and that's Wildcard... :o