Comments on “Wiith
George Margaritis@dontpanic_cg · UI/UX Designer
I like your UI and thumbsup to another app for real life experiences. That's the same we are trying to do with Freeddo. But is there a place for us in this huge chat-o-sphere? I agree with what @rrhoover once said. "It is risky to define ourselves as chat apps or even implement chat functionality". [not exactly his words but you get the point!] In the fut… See more
Gentian Edwards@gentianedwards · UI Designer
@rrhoover @dontpanic_cg Thanks for uploading. Why I decided to create another events app? Last year I moved from the UK from to San Francisco. I found meet ups groups too orchestrated and impersonal and Tinder good for quick meet ups but i didn’t necessarily want to date anyone. So, I decided to design Wiith. Key to Wiith is that you have an incentive as… See more