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George Margaritis
@dontpanic_cg · UI/UX Designer
I like your UI and thumbsup to another app for real life experiences. That's the same we are trying to do with Freeddo. But is there a place for us in this huge chat-o-sphere? I agree with what @rrhoover once said. "It is risky to define ourselves as chat apps or even implement chat functionality". [not exactly his words but you get the point!] In the future where we will build apps on top of apps we can ask users to select their favorite chat application and we will deliver only the product mission and the floating service. Good luck with Wiith. Really cool name btw. :)
Gentian Edwards
@gentianedwards · UI Designer
@rrhoover @dontpanic_cg Thanks for uploading. Why I decided to create another events app? Last year I moved from the UK from to San Francisco. I found meet ups groups too orchestrated and impersonal and Tinder good for quick meet ups but i didn’t necessarily want to date anyone. So, I decided to design Wiith. Key to Wiith is that you have an incentive as the event owner by selecting who can join. Would love to know your thoughts around this?