Make Awesome Selfie Music Videos

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Hey guys, just uploaded a wiggle on youtube to show you what you can do with the Wiggle app. Do you think you can do better than me? https://youtu.be/3KbMs6KAang
@ar_aubry Haha, love it! Maybe I could fool my parents into thinking I'm a rockstar now.
@ar_aubry Hahahaha I died watching this. I love it. I'm going to be using this for music videos.
Okay, I was interested but the landing page didn't convinced me to download it. Maybe you can add some stuff on it that I go further...
@hoomnizer thanks for the feedback. What do you think of adding this demo https://www.facebook.com/guillau... or @ar_aubry youtube video? The idea is really to make it as easy and awesome as possible to record yourself singing your favorites tunes. It includes some video filters and fast mo features.
@ar_aubry @matthieurouif Still not convinced. Maybe you can present us some mockups or content from the software itself. What is special? Why I need it?
@hoomnizer here is a feed of what you can do with the app https://www.youtube.com/channel/... ? Have you ever dreamt of being a rock star?
@matthieurouif So why I should download your app instead of doing a professional recording with a HD camera and uploading it on YouTube?
@matthieurouif @hoomnizer Because with Wiggle you only have to take care of having fun. You don't need to think about technical things, it is done for you, for instance it does the cut automatically on the beat of your song. Try to do that manually and you'll see how painful it could be. Wiggle actually fix all these things.
Yeah, not that much info tbh - @ar_aubry, @nicosteeg or @jeffboudier can tell us more! :)
@bramk thanks for the feedback. It comes from a Stupeflix hackathon, so the it is all very mvp state. Seeing your feedback and @hoomnapp we really need to add some inspirations and examples on the landing page. What do you think of these https://www.youtube.com/channel/... Would that help explain the product?
Disappointed with the homepage, I was clicking around trying to find a video or some more info. Then left.
@julianhearn Try the actual product instead ;)
@trueduke @julianhearn I don't try every app, only the ones that clearly offer me a reason to install it, the landing page needs to sell the benefits and demonstrate them first.