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Chris Messina — 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Amazon has such a ridiculous competitive advantage here — they need only look at the products that are trending overall across Amazon shoppers and then produce their own versions (kind of like generic drugs) to make bank. Not only that, but all the reviews against top products give Amazon tons of market research to address all the primary detractors of those items, giving them yet another competitive advantage. It'll be interesting to see if the Wickedly Prime brand takes off (I've had mixed experiences with the Amazon Basics products), but once again, Amazon is playing to its algorithmic strengths to lock in loyalty.

Source: Amazon launches its newest private label, Wickedly Prime
Nick Nish — Developer and Product Lover
@chrismessina love those thoughts! Seems like a logical step towards their plans to open technology driven grocery stores.
Austin Yates — Recent Graduate
@chrismessina So true– this is what Walmart did with Great Value and Equate. It's an incredible idea– use the world's most prominent brands as guinea pigs, learn what works and doesn't, then produce a nearly identical product at a fraction of the price. There is no downside– you make money when you sell name brand products and more money when you sell yours. Name brand companies have to take it on the chin because they rely so heavily on the marketplace (both WM & AMZN). Equate (Walmart gen. drugs brand) is so popular now that it is no longer considered a generic. I can definitely see this happening with Amazon...what a sweet position to be in. Good for the consumer, too, IMO.
Sunny max — Hashmeet.io No Nonsense Clubs
lol seems wickedly yummy
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