Wickedly Prime

Distinctive food & drinks exclusively for Prime members

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Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Amazon has such a ridiculous competitive advantage here — they need only look at the products that are trending overall across Amazon shoppers and then produce their own versions (kind of like generic drugs) to make bank. Not only that, but all the reviews against top products give Amazon tons of market research to address all the primary detractors of those… See more
Sunny max
@sunnyua2u · Hashmeet.io No Nonsense Clubs
lol seems wickedly yummy
@cbuchler · communities, events & developement
I wish this would be available in europe.
David Milberg
@davidmilbergnyc · Investor
Love this product!
Daniel Ehevich
@ehevich · Sr. Director of Sales, Taptica
The prices are too high at the moment, I would say about 20-25% higher than in retail stores. Makes no sense to pay more and get the items after 3 days, when you can just walk in into any Walgreens/CVS/Target and etc and get it. My 2 cents.