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We have all fallen into the over-followed trap since it is so easy to follow users on Twitter.

Our hope is by allowing the Twitter community to read, write and share reviews of other users that their experience on Twitter will once again be valuable.

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Scott Lewis
Scott LewisMaker@scottcents · CEO, Lewis Web Developments LLC
Hello fellow PH'ers! After endlessly scrolling through my Twitter feed I realized that I honestly didn't even pay attention to many of the messages. The value I got from Twitter had been decreasing over time and I couldn't put my finger on why. Then it hit me. I was following way too many users and, on top of that, I couldn't remember WHY I even followed them. So being a maker I set out to build a way to solve this problem. This project started out selfishly as a place where I could personally notate WHY I followed a specific user (friends, something they shared, etc.) and right off the bat I began enjoying Twitter again. However after a few weeks of trimming down who I followed I realized there must be other Twitter users who have been running into the same problem. Enter Why We Follow. As you can probably tell from this post I'm not a salesperson so if I missed anything please don't hesitate to ask in the comments. Before I go I wanted to thank @marckohlbrugge for always pushing the "Just Ship" mindset. I had been working on this project for weeks and weeks trying to perfect it and then I took his advice and launched it to the world. And yes, I do remember and loved using @kevinrose's WeFollow.com before it got acquired and basically shutdown. I consider his project the very first Twitter user-powered directory, but was just missing a way to really find out why someone should follow a specific user.