Simple and beautiful whois records


Caleb Brown
@calebrown · Founder, Handmade Tea
Hey y'all! If you're anything like me, you find yourself using a whois service a few times a month to learn about the folks behind a project and reach out, to inquire about purchasing the product, or to find out when the domain will expire. If you're also like me, you're sick of slow whois websites that have a very outdated UI and simply spit out a raw dum… See more
Tony Gebely
@tony_gebely · worldoftea.org / mastermindmatch.net
Great work @Calebrown! This is much more rich an experience than any other WHOIS service I've used.
Jack Smith
@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
looks cool. but I probably wouldn't have chosen the word "beautiful" as an appropriate description
Dj Stores
Much more pleasant than text WHOIS records with really nice features which makes the information displayed a lot more insightful, rich and structured. I love this! 😃😻
@alban · E-commerce manager.
Good job. Very clear, and very nice.👍 But I think you should use an input type URL for your form. On mobil it'll be better for users.