WhoQui for Slack

Find the experts, mentors and champions in your organization

Every company has experts in different topics. WhoQui helps you find, connect and recommend those in yours, for free!
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WhoQui was created to help you find experts in your organization and will provide you with a list of the top five on any subject. 🔎 To find an expert, simply write /whoqui in Slack and insert any topic. WhoQui will then display the most relevant experts in your organization. For example, if you're looking for an expert in Salesforce, just write /whoqui Salesforce, and voila, the list of experts appears. 🤝 The next step is connecting with them. Go ahead and click on any of their names and start a conversation with them. 📢 One last thing-if you know of an expert on a topic, WhoQui offers you the opportunity to recommend them and start building a stronger internal network. Help everyone benefit from their knowledge! Please share any feedback or questions you might have!