Whoa Board

Create motion sensitive smart clothes

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Hey All, we're here to answer questions! This project is currently live on kickstarter! A more narrative history of this project can be found here: imgur.com/gallery/1n4Jn
Backed this project on kickstarter. I'm most excited about the Whoa platform because it'll allow me to skip about 50 hrs of hw engr on a side project. Concept looks great, can't wait to start tinkering. Looking forward to seeing what other ideas Whoa brings to life!
Hey this looks cool, do you have any particular use cases in mind? Or is it more a novelty, 'club' clothing type kit?
@swetzequity sure, our perspective is that this is a tool for realizing interfaces imagined in AR and VR in a way that doesn't require headsets. So concretely things like safety clothing and architectural elements.
@swetzequity Even more concretely, we prototyped a bike jacket w/ integrated turn signals trigger-able with a shoulder shrug, and egress lighting you can trigger by touching it anywhere.
@whoaboard that makes sense!very exciting and interesting.
Awesome idea. I have one also: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Please feel free to check it.