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This reminds me of wefollow, a site @kevinrose created shorter after Twitter started blowing up. More investors are looking "earlier in the funnel" to source good talent (see Bloomberg's Future Founders project). A tool like this (but more data-driven like Mattermark, cc @daniellemorrill) could be very useful for VC's/investors seeking to build relationships with talented people (pre or post-founding a company). I'm curious what the long term plan is for Who Hunt.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. Mattermark looks cool, and it's really interesting to consider all of the possible data and metrics. One challenge that remains is the ability to provide something useful and relevant out of the firehose of information__ whether it's people (or products). In the short term, I see adding more related profile data to the WhoHunt profiles. Perhaps matching Quora, Reddit, StackExchange, etc.. I also thought'd be interesting to have some ability to edit the metadata/tagging around any given Who Hunt profile to improve discovery. I'm also considering different ranking algorithms so that there's better opportunity to for new founders/startups to grow and "show-off" there stuff.
I've been seeing more data mashups. Its a great idea to better show relationships that exist that you might be able to track individually, but now can do in bulk. Also going to be a good tool for startups to find funders for things similar to what they're building
@sacbookreviewer - Thanks for your comments. I hadn't thought of "a tool for startups to find funders for things similar", but that may be another direction for Who Hunt.
This looks like an awesome product. I would definitely use this everyday.
The product hunt effect :-)
@jasondainter Thanks! That was a SP issue that taken care of shortly after it occured__ hopefully we're good to go now: http://www.whohunt.io
@carolskelly Do you still maintain this product? I looked into it but I seem to get an angular error in the console. Thanks!
today found it quite useful for inviting people to Product Hunt Moscow meetup. The only thing: it sorts according to # of twitter followers and doesn't really show the "score" on producthunt, as many people just registered there and never upvoted anything, others spend quite a lot of time.
@ekaterinaklink Thanks so much for your feedback.