Simple whiteboard app to make sketching quick & easy

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Hey! If you're interested in how/why I made this, checkout my blog post on it :) http://blog.drewwilson.com/white...
Hi @drewwilson . Is there no way to test it? Lot of questions here... Is it just a paint-App? Can you integrate media files (jpg, etc.), is the space limited vs. unlimited? How does the sharing work and do everyone needs the App to cooperate and/or watch?) I'm waiting for an unlimited whiteboard experience for years! But so far found nothing I'd use on a daily basis.
@drewwilson nice one drew. funny to see you here :)
@svenle @drewwilson Hey! Unfortunately there is no way to test App Store apps. Just how apple does it. To answer your Qs: You cannot add an image onto the canvas. The space is unlimited.. however you cannot pan/scroll around the canvas. So you CAN stretch the canvas as big as your screen, but you won't be able to pan/scroll around any larger than that. The sharing feature simply lets you send an image of the canvas via twitter/facebook/email/etc. Thanks!
@svenle @drewwilson a maybe a web app I put together could help: http://www.chalkmotion.com basic drawing tool, collaborative, curated, hand drawn library and a simple compositing web app. early stage!
BAM! Got the idea from @mhafez :)
Just downloaded it. Great little app! Coming from iOS and currently working on a fairly big Mac project for the first time I absolutely agree with you on the state of the AppKit community. It could really need a few more people writing tutorials, publishing open-source etc. especially for transitioning from UIKit and for Swift.
@aaronabentheuer ya. Its wild too because on Mac you have to build EVERYTHING yourself. Compared to iOS you get NOTHING out of the box.
The design looks great :)
You're always building beautifully designed products, @drewwilson. 😊 But can you doodle? Care to share any of yours here? (you can embed a .png or .jpg in the comments by directly linking to an image)