Whistle GO

Health + location tracker for pets

Whistle GO Explore:
Track your pet’s location in real-time, plus monitor health, fitness and more for total peace of mind. With a built-in light and extended battery life (up to 20 days), Whistle GO Explore is the ultimate pet tracker!
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Hey PH community, Whistle is excited to launch our latest generation of Whistle products today with Whistle GO & Whistle GO Explore - featuring all new health and behavior monitoring, faster live tracking, night light, longer battery life and more! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! Cheers 🐶😺
@stanwithouski This is an awesome update! Just bought the Whistle 3 a few months back for our new pup... Any chance there's an upgrade program/discount for existing users? Might be a good way to lock in those yearly subscriptions for renewals 😊
@derekdraper00 Yup - I'll shoot you an email with upgrade code 💪🏼
@stanwithouski I have have two Whistle 3 units. Have been a customer since it first hit the market and love the product. gives a great peace of mind. Congrats on the new launch. I'd definitely like to upgrade from the 3 to the Go so would appreciate any upgrade code. Thanks!
@stanwithouski I just found out about the new tracker from signing on to look for a new collar for my Whistle 3. Is there going to be an email sent to current users about this with a discount code to upgrade? It’s awesome you’re offering large collars for this new tracker since when I bought mine there were only small and medium for the 3, and the medium is almost getting to be too tight.
Do you guys still not work in Canada?
@karlclement Soon Karl - very soon 🇨🇦😀
Where do you list the subscription prices? Does the fitness tracker work without a subscription?
@david_ramalho1 Unfortunately the tracker only works with a subscription at the moment as location tracking is still part of our base offering. The subscription breakdown is on the site (via a modal) but here's the breakdown: $9.95 monthly, avg. $7.95 paid for 1 year & avg. $6.95 paid for 2 years. Hope that helps - let me know if interested and I can get the PH community a discount on the hardware 🤝