Where can I find an iPhone 7?

All phones, carriers, colors—within 20 miles of you

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Like a real dummy I didn't pre-order an iPhone 7 Plus so now I'm constantly playing the game of "refresh apple.com then race to call a store the moment it has inventory > repeat". So I made this. I put it together in a few hours at a hack day at our office (Bebo HQ/Monkey Inferno) this weekend. <— we have these every saturday and all are welcome! here's the next one: https://www.facebook.com/events/...
@thetylerhayes You made this at Hack Day? You mean the one at 387 Tehama Street every Saturday? The very same Hack Day that's happening this Saturday? Is that what you're referring to?
@jasonhitchcock the very same d._.b ^^ rsvp link up above
I also found this to be helpful, too (specifically checks Apple Store inventories) - http://www.istocknow.com/live/
@thetylerhayes why reinvented the wheel?
@si_pham you can always make a better wheel
@thetylerhayes that's the spirit! But unless your app goes out and order that phone for me and have it delivered, I'm not sure how it is better than the other app xD
I think Apple has a supply problem 🙄
Hey Tyler! Really like the concept. I tried entering a few NYC area zip codes (10001, 10003), and got no results. Not sure if it's a bug or if just means that nothing is available near me (cue sad violin music).
@adammash ha yeah every third-party CORS service i've used has broken under the weight of traffic PH has sent me. sorry about that, writing a fix now EDIT: fixed for good now 🙌
@thetylerhayes haha no worries - Good problem to have! Good luck man
Woop, looks like my neighborhood is stacked with iPhones 7