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Launch your product on the right date and time based on data

#3 Product of the WeekMay 01, 2019
This is an an analytics platform based on Product Hunt to let makers know the optimum time to launch their product to receive maximum traction based on data.
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WhenToLaunch helps you determine the optimum date to launch your product on Product Hunt. This app is the outcome of a simple script that I built to analyze the trend of products and upvotes on Product Hunt using the ProductHunt API. I also wanted to track when users are most active on upvoting so that I could schedule the launch better. This will also help you track the trending topics on product hunt and collections and do a competitor analysis based on the reach of each product. After building and using the script for a few days, I noticed that there are optimal times when a product should be launched to maximize views/upvotes. My gut told me that the best way to figure out when to launch my product was based on analyzing data, and I was proven right. I shared my findings with a few of my fellow makers and asked if they also struggled to figure out when to launch their products. And guess what, they did. So I decided to publish this as an app, to make it easy for anyone to use this tool. This is a very modest start that could turn into a bigger analytics platform, but initially, does this solve anyone else's problem here? More analytics based on category and upvotes for products will be added to make the app better. Please let me know if you want something more to be added into this or any feedback here.
Wow the data on here is useful and incredibly validating. Makes me want to reconsider launching my next project for Pitching Investors. I seen one of the reports had a top product of month that I was hunter of! This is really great work @vignesh_vaidyanathan ! I would love to see more data on the best time to actual post your new product and the effects of comments, votes, etc.
@wendyde03942462 Thanks a lot Wendy. Glad that the data shown is useful. Much more to be added to the app like competitor analysis, maker research etc. Stay tuned. Hopefully it will be adopted as a platform to validate your launch and products.
Awesome tool, @vignesh_vaidyanathan ! Does solve a real problem. A single precise problem. Delightful! Added to my article about Product Hunt: https://isora.me/what-ive-learne... (shameless selfpromo).
@alexanderisora Wow thanks a lot for that 😊 Read through your article. I wonder I should have read it before I launched my product.
@alexanderisora I have a doubt regarding finding the right Hunter, from your blog. Just sent you an email. Please check that when you've got time.
This is really interesting Vignesh! I've signed up! πŸ‘
@beesum Hey Thanks Ben, Please let me know if you have any feedback or changes. Would help me shape up the app.
@kesara Could you tell me where you found that? It should be a glitch. Would be useful if you could send a snip of it.